Saturday, September 14, 2013

Ron Paul Questions The Double-Dealing Empire

By, Chris Rossini

A few weeks ago, Ron Paul was interviewed about Syria by Neil Cavuto. During the discussion, Ron asked a very important question:
"Why are we on the side of Al Qaeda right now?"
This, for sure, has many Americans (at least those who are paying attention) asking the same thing. How can the U.S. be both fighting Al Qaeda, and at the same time aiding them to overthrow Assad in Syria?

Well, this isn't the first time that Ron Paul has posed this type of question.

Let's rewind back to 1983, when the bogeyman was The Soviet Union.

Here's Ron Paul speaking on the House floor, asking an almost identical question:
“Why are we engaged in military action against the Communists in which American lives are being lost when we cannot take the simple action of cutting off the flow of money to the Communists? For decades we have pursued this immoral course of action, asking American men to die fighting an enemy the American government has financed.”

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  1. The US is not "on the side of Al Qaeda right now."

    Al Qaeda and the US share a common interest in overthrowing Bashar al-Assad. That's not the same as supporting Al Qaeda and it's dishonest to characterize it as such.

    Question is why is Ron Paul on the side of Bashar al-Assad? You can find out the answer to that question if you listen to the speech Ron Paul gave before the anti-Semite conference.

    1. I love how delusional you are, JW. I've come to look forward to your non-sequitur bullshit.

      Sending money and weapons to Al Q isn't supporting them? Someone needs a class in logic.

      Please, tell me another one!


    2. "Question is why is Ron Paul on the side of Bashar al-Assad?"

      1) Define "on the side of."

      2) Please produce a quote, within the context of your definition, where he says he is on the side of Assad.

    3. Bio Misq-

      You'll never hear a reply from him. He is just an ignorant troll. Notice how he drops these replies but never follows up.


    4. I think you have been (more or less) schooled every time you have posted on this blog.

      1.) Giving weapons and material to Al Quaeda *IS* supporting them and *IS* black letter treason.

      2.) Wanting to *NOT* give weapons to Al Quaeda is *NOT* supporting Asad.

      You are not intelligent enough to troll here, I suggest you try your trolling elsewhere.

    5. The cognitive dissonance with this Jerry character is incredible. I sure hope it's just a troll or a parody or something. If not then you Jerry then you are #1 class Grade A IDIOT.

    6. these trolls successfully sabotage most forums, we play his game when we bother to answer him, we should just point out that hes probably a paid troll and ignore him.
      The last 2 US presidents killed and poisoned their own people by allowing the use of depleted uranium bullets, by allowing monsanto gmo's in their food, madcow burgers feed the whole country....ect. Americans always bragging about how they saved the world from hitler couldnt even put up a fight when their constitution was being destroyed. More people need to point out the ressemblances between Saddams Iraq and the usa. They have 30+ news channels but no diversity in reporting, only in opinion.

  2. I think I finally get Jerry. He's here to provide ironic comic relief and examples of straw-man flogging.

    1. Bingo!

      JWolf is just a troll, and only posts bullshit to rile us up, and never engages in constructive debate.

      If he is paid by the SLPC, or The Obamabots, they are paying him FAR more than the minimum wage!