Monday, September 23, 2013

The Pope on Money

Reuters reports:
Pope Francis made one of his strongest attacks on the global economic system on Sunday, saying it could no longer be based on a "god called money" and urged the unemployed to fight for work.
I may be mistaken, but the reason people want work is so that they can have money. The Pope's comment seems confused to me.

Further, money is simply a means of exchange. It can be used for good or evil. Is the Pope considering ending collection baskets in the middle of Masses? I repeat, in the middle of Masses! He wouldn't dare.

The Pope may have a point when he attacks the "global economic system," if he means the banksters and other crony capitalists that attempt to rig the economic system in their favor, but money itself facilitates the division of labor and a rising standard of living.

Very often people get upset on what others will do to seek money or what they choose to spend money on. But when people spend money in different places than we do, it is simply an example of people who have different value systems than we do. Blaming money is pretty much shooting the messenger---a messenger we use ourselves.

The Pope is really not anti-money, if you understand how the Catholic Church functions.

Watch what people do, not what they say. This even goes for the Pope. Wake me when the Catholic Church stops seeking money donations.

The false god is not money that we can use in anyway we chose. It is the belief in a centrally planned society where gods leaders make rules that all of us must follow. Those are the real and dangerous false gods.


  1. Love it Bob! Never afraid of the truth. Keep preaching the knowledge of good and evil in the realm of money. It is exactly what the world needs. Not more platitudes from mortal men in funny hats.

    Seek ye the truth, and the truth shall set you free.

  2. The pope said that human dignity should be at the center, not greed for money. The false god is placing the lust for money and power it brings before the welfare of others.

  3. The pope is full of sins for he has a lot of money, and huge church.

  4. What Reuters helps to perpetuate with an article like this is exactly "shooting the messenger". The true culprits, central bankers, not the banksters and crony capitalists eating out of their immutable hands, create the illusion of "easy, cheep, free money". They "expand and contract, fine tune, guard, and regulate" the money supply, for our benefit to facilitate the division of labor and a rising standard of living. If saps in our government and the general public continue to believe them and sign on then we will never have true economic trade value. If the message be "usury" which the bible condemns as wicked sin because a "global economic system" based on a world reserve currency will fail.