Thursday, September 19, 2013

This Actually Is An Object Lesson In Behavioral Economics

It has nothing to  do with economics, it is a separate science, but it does exist.

A store shelf is probably one of the earliest examples of a businessman employing behavioral economics.


  1. Wow, I would like to see this everywhere. So many oblivioids just get in the way, I often will just run up or down the stairs as it's quicker.

    1. I thought libertarians hated rules!

    2. "I thought libertarians hated rules!"

      Not sure if bad/cheesy joke...or if the guy is an idiot...

  2. I'm not impressed.

    The implication is that if anything goes wrong on the escalator, the guy on the left had the right to pass and the guy on the right had the right to just stand there.

    It's in the interest of the user to not get sued, so he's going to walk on the left side and/or stand on the right.

    The only thing Cass Sunstein-esque about this particular example is that it was probably government intervention that made the airport paint shoes on the escalator; In which case, the government has no authority to do so.

    But this is the kind of thing we'd expect a business man to do on the free market in his own interests, so as to not hamper business.