Friday, September 6, 2013

Tom Brady's In-Home Gym

The in-home gym of New England Patriot quarterback Tom Brady and his wife, supermodel Gisele B√ľndchen. The gym, designed by Out-Fit, is equipped with custom-made wrought-iron monkey bars.


  1. I like the way they placed the dumbbells right where you can crack your head if you slip off the monkey bars.

    1. Same thing could be said of Washington DC...

  2. Actually, you are mistaken. That is the bedroom...

  3. Oh hell,
    It's a business. Brady brings in bazillions of honest dollars. He earned it.
    Did the franchise make a shitload on taxpayer subsidies on the stadium. Hell, yeah. But that's not Brady's fault. Celebrate success.
    BTW, I'm a Niners fan.

  4. The dumbbells only go up to 75's, does Brady even lift?

  5. Wow, that really is something, thanks for sharing this. This really makes me want to set up my own home gym, but with my budget, I can only get so much. I am planning on getting a treadmill after reading some Fitness Blowout reviews of their treadmill selection. That is all I could probably get for now, but someday maybe I can have a home gym as nice as Brady's!