Friday, September 6, 2013

What Will Rand Paul Do If Mitch McConnell Votes for War?

Walter Block writes:
I assume Rand Paul will not only vote against bombing Syria, but be one of the Senate leaders for a “no” vote. But what about Mitch McConnell? Right now, Rand Paul supports his re-election. But suppose Senator McConnell votes in favor of bombing Syria, or abstains. What, then, will be Rand Paul’s decision as to whether or not to continue his support for McConnell? I hope and trust that Rand will then withdraw his support for that candidacy. Interesting times lie ahead of us.


  1. Mitch McConnell is going to vote 'No'. We expect a full apology from Walter Block to both Rand Paul, and also Carol and Ron Paul.

    1. Why? McConnell is a warmonger and is voting NO for selfish reasons.


    2. Rand Paul and Jesse Benton convinced McConnell to vote no. The vote is crucial, because it will come right down to the wire. Ron Paul says this is a once in a generation chance to put a stop to the military-industrial complex.

      Rand is engaging in advanced parliamentary procedure to require 60 votes for passage of the war resolution, rather than just 51. 51 votes it passes, 60 probably not with McConnell on board with Rand.

  2. McConnell declares NO on Syria: Rand Paul relationship bares fruit

  3. Interesting, Mitch McConnell is the ONLY congressional leader to oppose the war. Stenie Hoyer, Pelosi, Boehner, Eric Canto, and Harry Reid support war. But only McConnell is under the wing of Rand Paul. Hmmm?