Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Adam Kokesh: Almost All My Money Has Been Stolen

During a podcast made by Adam Kokesh from jail in Washington D.C., where he is being held without bail prior to trial, Kokesh has revealed that almost all the money raised to help him in his defense against government charges has been stolen.

He went on to report that his computers, televisions, furniture and clothes have also been stolen. He stated that it wasn't clear if this was the result of a common thief or a government agent plant.

And so goes the life of those attempting to directly confront the state.


  1. Yeah, I think it's kind of odd that nobody's been arrested yet. Donnelly totally laid it all out for them to have an easy investigation but no arrests as of yet.

  2. It's because he has a bunch of low-life friends. Adam didn't choose his friends wisely.

  3. American Taxpayers: Almost All My Money Has Been Stolen!