Thursday, October 17, 2013

After Midnight: A Female Billionaire's Experience in London

Watch the video, here.


  1. lol...I had a similar thing happen to me in with my wife and I hiking to Machu Piccu with a group of others that included three young Englishmen about 12 years ago.

    We were having biscuits and jelly in a 3rd world hut with a dirt floor along the inca trail(in the mountains) at night before climbing into our sleeping bags and I noticed the jelly jar said: "Fannie Jelly"

    I made a crack about how appetizing the jelly would be and my wife laughed out loud...the young men looked a little set back...but started smiling in a reserved fashion because I kept going on and on.

    Finally one of them said, "Hey Mate, what does "Fannie" mean in America?"

    My wife and I looked at each other puzzled and I replied "You know, your rear."

    The three young men gave a hearty laugh and I said, "Ok, what does it mean in England?"

    He said, "Vagina, Mate."

    I laughed so hard I about fell off my 3rd world stool, my wife immediately went silent and her face turned bright red.

    I still laugh to myself thinking about it.

  2. And over here 'fag' is slang for a cigarette. So if you hear an Englishman say he's gasping for a fag, it's probably not what you might think.