Thursday, October 17, 2013

The McConnell Stink Deal

There are no spending cuts. There is no defunding of Obamacare. The McConnell-Reid deal is business as usual except for one thing:

WPFL in Louiville, KY reports:
A proposal to end the government shutdown and avoid default orchestrated by Republican Leader Mitch McConnell and Democratic Leader Harry Reid includes a nearly $3 billion earmark for a Kentucky project.

Language in a draft of the McConnell-Reid deal (see page 13, section 123) provided to WFPL News shows a provision that increases funding for the massive Olmsted Dam Lock in Paducah, Ky., from $775 million to nearly $2.9 billion.
How obvious can it be that the man Rand Paul is supporting in the Kentucky Senatorial race is crony from start to finish and nothing but crony.

McConnell campaign manager Jesse Benton

1 comment:

  1. File under, "How Reality are Workt".
    See, it wasn't McConnell who really, RILLY wanted that Project.
    It was Diane Feinstein! 'N some mealworm from Tenn.
    Goddess Feinstein, looking east about 2000 miles, divines the need for a 2 Bill Water Project! It's a MIracle!

    So, let's not deprecate McConnell, OK.? He's just a hard workin' Masochist who is just tryin' to get by.
    It's how the Senate works. McConnell didn't need to propose his own Bribe:

    His sworn enemies, Feinstein and Reid, will take care of him, at the cost of any Self Esteem he might have had left. There is, however, NO Shame here. None.