Saturday, October 26, 2013

Behind the Saudi Crack-Up

Daniel McAdams emails on his new gig at RT:
My first piece as an RT contributing analyst...'s all about expanding the RPI influence!

I am officially on the roster of the RT editorial writers!

My first piece:

And my profile:


  1. Daniel is awesome! I'm happy to see him reaching a broader audience!

  2. Got to love the Saudi temper tantrum. They are used to having their way with us. When asked why he didn't stay and fight for his country, a Kuwaiti said, "That is for our American dogs to handle." Having lived through TARP, I was hesitant to believe public outcry stopped the attack. More like: #1 Russia and China said no, #2 Britain said no, #3 some US military said no.

    1. no public opinion is extremely important, its just that we don't see it that often on our side, so we tend to discount it.