Sunday, October 27, 2013

How to Get Voice Recognition to Flawlessly Understand Your Message

Interesting fact.

My cell phone voicemail rolls over to Google voice. When someone leaves a message, I receive a text  transcript of the message.The transcript is always some what garbled, that is, except for David Gordon messages. Google voice loves David's messages. They are always transcribed flawlessly.

Bottom line: If you want voice recognition to flawlessly understand your message, learn to talk like David Gordon.


  1. That's why military goggles can provide their own light source, infrared, which can't be seen unaided.

  2. After enough practice, I might be able to SOUND like David, but I could never TALK like him, if you get my drift.

  3. Probably has to do with how he structures his sentences.

  4. Some students complained about the sound quality from one of David's recorded lectures. He pondered (jokingly) that the issue might not be the sound quality, but his actual voice which HE characterized (his words!) as sounding like "Droopy Dog on sleeping pills."

    Ha ha ha. What a funny guy.