Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Lego Entrepreneurship (Why Didn't You Think of This Edition)

By HuffPo
On average, every person on Earth owns 86 Lego bricks. Yep, 86. That equals roughly 600 billion bricks sitting in closets, cupboards, and toy bins around the world. For one entrepreneur, the popular toy's ubiquity is leading to big bucks.
Christoph Bloedner, the founder of Dresden-based bricksy.com, makes a living re-selling used Lego pieces individually and as complete sets, reports German news service DPA. Boedner buys around 40,000 second-hand parts each day, which he and his four full-time and 50 part-time employees then wash, sort and store. The company sells over $600,000 of used pieces annually and Bloedner hopes to break the million-euro mark soon.


  1. This guy is helping to support the market. Does crazy-cool art with the darned things:


  2. OK, which one of you stole my 86?