Thursday, October 24, 2013

My Evolution To Libertarianism...And How It Led To A Job With Robert Wenzel

By, Chris Rossini

This week, I was a guest on the Lions of Liberty Podcast. I really enjoyed this interview because Marc Clair (the host) and I discussed the road that brought me to libertarianism, as well the steps that I took to get a job working with Robert Wenzel.


  1. George Reisman is awesome. I too benefited greatly from him when learning about economics. The following few sentences from his treatise "Capitalism" can be an ideal libertarian prayer when which can be recited every morning to focus our days on what really matters, teaching economics to people so that their fears of freedom go away and with it much of the sate :

    “The solution to the present problem of massive, overwhelming poverty is nothing other than the science of economics. As should be increasingly clear, economics is a science which can make possible the construction of a social and political system in which human success is a feature of normal, everyday life everywhere. It is truly the humanitarian science, and only those who have studied it well and who are prepared to implement its teachings deserve to be called friends of mankind. The most important charity which true friends of mankind can pursue is to disseminate knowledge of this vital subject as widely and as deeply as they know how.” —George Reisman

  2. Nice job Chris! Way to put yourself out there, be dedicated to your passion, and not stopping until you got what you wanted. You're biased toward action and a role model!