Wednesday, October 2, 2013

New Yorkers Really Have No Clue What They Are In For

Not only is Bill deBlasio, the likely next mayor of NYC,  a hardcore lefty, but his wife, Chirlane McCray, may be even worse.

NYT informs that she is a poet and that
Political meetings are planned around her schedule. She sits in on job interviews for top advisers. She edits all key speeches (aides are known to e-mail drafts straight to her).[...]
She acknowledges feeling so passionately in 2002 about which way her husband would vote on the next City Council speaker she threatened to divorce him if he backed the wrong candidate.
He sided with his wife.[...]
Asked if she had ever considered playing a less assertive role in the mayoral race, Ms. McCray physically balked, leaning in from across the table at a Brooklyn diner.
“No, no,” she said. “It’s not who I am. It’s not who Bill and I have been as a couple, either.”
She added, “We’ve always been partners in the campaigns and any major thing we have taken on.” Ms.McCray  joined what would become the Combahee River Collective, an influential collection of black feminist intellectuals, many of them gay, who felt overlooked by the 1970s politics of Betty Friedan and Ms. magazine.
“We knew it was revolutionary,” Ms. McCray said. “Just by sitting down and talking to each other, it was breaking through the madness.”[...]For Ms. McCray’s lesbian friends, her engagement to Mr. de Blasio, in 1993, was a stunning turn. Not all of them could stomach it. One of them refused to attend the wedding.
So what kind of influence will she have on her husband? NYT reports:
 She yearns to restore New York’s reputation as what she called “a progressive capital,” worrying it has trailed behind cities like San Francisco, Seattle, even Cleveland.


  1. Cleveland?

    Well, after reading this article, Mayor Booker, who is not married, therefore has no psychopath attached to him, looks pretty good now.

    Personally, I'm getting tired of these kings and queens, who only become "king and queen" on the dime and labor of others. I'm getting tired of the worshiping of them. I would say that their power is nothing but make-believe, but there's real consequences.

  2. I think this is awesome. NYC deserves him. I work with Wall Street firms and I am always shocked by how many are hard core Democrats. I am grateful to not have to live in one of those Progressive mecca's that IMO favor the ultra rich and those that work for local government. I see that she also left off Detroit and Chicago in her Progressive mecca list. I guess once they create a hell hole, all is to be forgotten. The irony of Progressive Democrats is that their policies make the government almost entirely dependent on high income earners, not only earning the same amount of income each year, but growing it to keep up with the growth in government spending. And why is it that the thing the envy crowd cares most about, income inequality, is highest in the high tax blue states and especially the Progressive Mecca's?

  3. Sounds like a good thing for NYC.
    The only thing that will wake some people up is shock therapy.

  4. I think that rather than splitting up based on racial, cultural, or national boundaries, it makes more sense to separate by political leanings. Let the looters and the moochers have each other. I know Free State Project isn't perfect, but I sure do like the idea.

  5. Like the old saying goes, people get the government they deserve!!!!

  6. From Nazi Bloomberg to Commie de Blasio. New York is toast.

  7. New York is done. The demographic shift has put outer-borough, white, mostly Catholic voters at an all time low in the city's history. Only hardcore lefties will get elected from now on - think "liberation theologists," or Socialists with a Catholic wrapping.

    Pretty soon we are going to yearn for Bloomberg's mild fascism.

  8. Chirlane maintains control of the family jewels.

  9. What does Progressive capital mean? Abandoned buildings and homeless on the street?! Has she ever been to Cleveland or San Francisco?!

  10. There are some parallels here to Krugman's wife that are worth noting imo