Friday, October 4, 2013

Obamacare's First Enrollee is Bogus

By Megan McArdle

It seems as if every policy reporter in the nation spent the last four days trying to log in and browse policies on, yet was stymied by glitches. Many of us have also been on the lookout for people who had actually bought insurance policies under Obamacare. Over the first day, reports trickled in of various successes -- most of them in Kentucky, funnily enough. (As I tweeted at the time, who had Kentucky in the office pool for “most successful exchange rollout”? Yeah, me neither.)
But no one could find anyone who had enrolled in one of the 36 exchanges being run by the Federal government, and people were beginning to doubt that anyone had, despite the White House’s assurances. Then finally, finally, Enroll America, a nonprofit ally of the White House run by a former White House communications staffer, came up with someone who had managed to get past all the glitches: Chad Henderson, a student and part-time day-care worker in Georgia who managed to enroll himself and his father in “bronze” plans (the tier with the lowest premium cost and highest cost-sharing). The Federal exchange websites might not be working well, but here at least was proof that they were working at all. Kathleen Sebelius, the secretary of Health and Human Services, and @Obamacare both retweeted Henderson about getting enrolled:


  1. Another ridiculous story from a well known Koch Bros puppet. The cashier at the grocery store told me yesterday she got a policy on the exchange and it cost her $80/month. That's in Texas. She was quite happy about it.

    1. its always ridiculous when Jerry finds it contrary.

    2. Did you verify that with her Father?

  2. Like Jerry, Megan McArdle doesn't know shit. How about a real anarchocapitalist economist?