Sunday, October 27, 2013

Send Money: Audit the Fed

As I have pointed out (See:Rand Paul Grandstaning), Audit the Fed us not a very effective method to go after the Fed. The right things won't even be audited, such as the Treasury gold accounts, which trace to the gold certificates held y the Fed.

In the below dreadful video, Rand and Campaign for Liberty ask for donations for the Audit the Fed campaign, a campaign that will do nothing to slowdown the Fed.

My bet is that whether Rand attempts to block the Janet Yellen nomination depends on how well this money raise goes.


  1. The Fed's gold certificates are meaningless. That Fed lawyer said that in one of Ron Paul's subcommittee hearings. I think his name is Alvarez or something.

  2. Fuck the audit, just send MONEY!!!

    The Fed