Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Shutdown-palooza Is Sickening

By, Chris Rossini

Just about every single media outlet has been plastered with "shutdown" propaganda. It's so thick that you can almost feel their fear, which is Americans may not really give a sh*t.

I know that in my circle, I haven't heard even the slightest peep about it. Not even for conversation's sake. No one has said, "Hey did you hear about....?"


Tom DiLorenzo echoes:
No one I’ve been around gives a crap. No one is talking about it but the “media,” who are worse propagandists than any who worked for PRAVDA under Soviet communism.
800,000 government "workers" not receiving their pay? Why on Earth does the government have 800,000 workers to begin with? And that's just the tip of the iceberg. The federal government employs millions!!

Did Americans forget what Thomas Jefferson put in the Declaration of Independence?
He has erected a multitude of New Offices, and sent hither swarms of Officers to harrass our people, and eat out their substance.
If Jefferson only had the ability to know what would become of the American federal government....and the hoards that are sent out to harrass everyday Americans.

Government jobs are not productive jobs! They sap resources from those in the private economy who are desperately trying to solve urgent problems. Not to mention the never-ending regulations that these "jobs" end up throwing on everyone's backs.

The media cries crocodile tears for the 800,000 who are furloughed, by not one single word for the rest of us, who have money literally forced out of our bank accounts to pay them. Where's our sympathy? Guess what? We would have done something else with our money.

The federal government is being held "hostage" and "blackmailed" the media cries. Oh really? Guess what happens to a person who doesn't "pay up" every Apr. 15th?

You know, whenever there's a major crisis, Americans are very quick to open their wallets to donate. Whether it be Hurricane Sandy, or even a Tsunami in Japan, private charities get to work and multi-millions are routinely donated by the American public. Americans know when to be sympathetic, and when to give.

The media during this "shutdown" is just begging for people to care!

So, just for fun, I did a quick Google Search to see if anyone is taking donations to help out with this "shutdown". I came up empty-handed. Google had nothing! No one has said anything on Facebook or Twitter either...which always occurs during a real crisis.

Finally, with 800,000 furloughed, you'd think that these "public servants" would be out there serving the public like gangbusters. Such people who are so revered by the media should not be concerned about "pay" should they?

Businessmen and entrepreneurs are constantly reviled in movies and on TV as greedy bastards. Surely a public servant wouldn't let silly pay stop them, would they? They wouldn't be "greedy" like that, would they? We should be seeing a mass of 800,000 people coming at us from every angle to help.

I haven't seen anything of the sort. Have you?

Sadly, this whole "shutdown" will come to an end. It should become permanent, but it won't. We'll all be blessed by having those servants back in action and serving us real good and hard.

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  1. That's very well said.

  2. They are sending "non-essential" government employees home without pay (although they will probably be paid in the future retroactively to cover their current vacation).

    But are ANY of these government employees "essential"? Is Gen. Keith "Captain Kirk" Alexander "essential"? How about Obama? Is Obama "essential"?

    Obviously, the answer to those questions is "NO!" they are NOT essential. And how about the federal government itself? Is THAT essential? Not really. Therefore, we should permanently furlough the federal government as it is the most non-essential creature ever to exist!

  3. Good job, Chris. I hope it stays shut down, permanently.

  4. You have hit the nail on the head here Chris ! Good stuff , keep on and at them .

  5. Replies
    1. Quoting my wife after the radio DJ just mentioned it. I married the perfect woman.

    2. Well, everyone on TV seems to be talking about it.

      Obviously, all of the wars have been stopped. The NSA stopped collecting our communications, the TSA is no longer raping our kids, and the CIA's proxy is no longer murdering Christians in Syria, Iraq and Egypt.

      I fully expect to get my full paycheck this week.

    3. LOL... I thought the same thing. Has the TSA stopped groping? Has the NSA stopped spying? Has the Department of Education stopped indoctrinating? Has the Pentagon stopped bombing? Has the IRS stopped taxing? Etc.

      What shutdown?

  6. One big straw man argument laced with bad economics.

    1. [I am] one big straw man argument laced with bad economics. There, fixed it.

    2. Who are trolls like Jerry Wolfgang, Alex?

    3. Oh look, Jerry Wolfgang is considered an essential employee.

    4. Sounds like Jerry just described Keynesianism.

  7. Considering that the shutdown is engineered to create maximum annoyance to voters (closing parks and museums, etc.) it's quite remarkable that, this time, nobody cares.

    1. It's a time-honored tradition in politics.

      It even has a name!

      Washington Monument Syndrome

  8. I tried to go to the NOAA website yesterday and there was a big splash page about how it is shut down due to the govt shutdown. This website is not updated regularly. It is more or less stagnant, with hundreds of pages of lessons about weather that go unchanged once posted. My meaning is that it would not have cost anything to leave the website up; it likely coat more to pay someone to take it down and replace it with the splash page. Interestingly, the page that does require constant updating remained up because it is "essential".
    I'm not so sure NOAA is essential. I found all the information I needed from privately owned and operated websites instead of NOAA.

    Obama has ordered all federal agencies to be as adolescent and sullen as humanly imaginable so the adult taxpayers will be annoyed into submission.

  9. There's hardly a shutdown, but I'll take what we can get. My question is, is this shutdown libertarian or not? In the end, are we going to pay less net taxes, or is the state going to make a reduced number of interventions in the economy?

  10. Ayn Rand couldn't have written a better article herself.