Friday, October 4, 2013

Sorenson Ron Paul Money Connection Hits the New York Times

NYT just put out this AP blurb:
State Senator Kent Sorenson received a $25,000 check from a high-ranking official in Ron Paul’s presidential campaign days before leaving Michele Bachmann’s campaign for Mr. Paul’s, and eventually got $73,000 that may be linked to Mr. Paul’s campaign, an investigator has found. Mr. Sorenson resigned Wednesday after the investigator, Mark Weinhardt, concluded that he most likely broke ethics rules in receiving $7,500 in monthly income from Mrs. Bachmann’s political action committee and presidential campaign in exchange for being her state chairman in 2011. The report raised questions about whether criminal or campaign finance laws were violated. A federal investigation is under way, Mr. Sorenson’s lawyer said Thursday. The Polk County attorney, John Sarcone, said his office would review the report to determine whether there was a basis to pursue criminal charges.
Please, please remember that there is a big difference between Ron Paul campaign operatives and Ron Paul.


  1. Ron Paul received the benefit from the bribe. The person making the bribe did not benefit from it. Hard to see how Ron Paul is not implicated in this.

    1. That's pretty daft. Aside from the obvious "innocent until PROVEN guilty"... by your logic suppose you bet on a fighter that would have lost the fight but the other fighter throws it for a bribe. I guess that implicates you in the scheme, right? You did benefit from the bribe after all.

      Besides we already know people like Benton and Fein were successful in sabotaging the Paul campaign. Maybe others in his camp had motive to do something like this. If Paul is guilty of anything, it was being too trusting of people.

      The irony of course is that this crap is SOP for establishment politicreeps. Probably why Sorenson likely thought there'd be no risk. He didn't take into account that RP's not in the club and gets no "Get out jail free" card.

  2. You're kidding, right? The sleazes in Ron's campaign were positioning themselves for Rand 2016. This obviously benefited them. Jerry will defend the scum of the earth in order to put down the three libertarians he's obsessed with.

  3. What a bunch of rookies. If they had been regular EPJ readers, they would know that all checks should go through high powered and connected attoneys.