Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Ultimate Libertarian Halloween Costume

By, Chris Rossini

Obviously, if you really want to scare the pants off your friends on Halloween, the go-to costume is this:

But that may be a bit too much for the kids. Some little guy may ask: "Mommy, is that the guy that stole the McDonald's dollar menu from us?" Even the little babies will start to cry because they'll deduce that the price of milk is screwed.

So you're better off toning it down a little bit, for the sake of the kids.

Fortunately, if you were planning on going as Bernanke, there's a cost effective alternative. With our disintegrating purchasing power, we all have to be cost effective these days, right?

Well, you can keep the can keep the disheveled hair...and you can keep the suit.

Just tell everyone that you're this guy:

I prefer tricks
The people that do the dirty deeds are always much scarier that those who talk about doing them. So you should be ok with the kids by going as Krugman.

So on this Halloween (in which we're all terribly suffering from the sequester) go with the cost effective costume, and everyone is guaranteed a really good time.

For added effect, pull out the pockets of your pants.

Fellow libertarian trick-or-treaters will understand the symbolism.

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  1. Or one could go as Jeff Bezos posing as a free market type.
    WaPo Jeff starts collecting the sales tax for Gov. Patrick starting in November.

  2. Now that is scary.

  3. What a dumb article