Sunday, October 6, 2013

TSA Security in Action: 9 Year Old Hops Flight to Vegas, Alone and Without Ticket

CNN reports:
A flight to America's so-called adult playground, Las Vegas, had an unusual passenger last week: a 9-year-old boy, traveling alone and apparently without a boarding pass.
Officials are trying to figure out how he got through security -- let alone on the flight.
The Transportation Security Administration is investigating.
Patrick Hogan, a spokesman for Minneapolis St. Paul International Airport, said that during the flight, the crew "became suspicious of the child's circumstances."
Meanwhile, back at headquarters, Baghdad TSA Bob reports in:
We continue to find inert hand grenades [...] on a weekly basis.


  1. These lying totalitarian maggots tell us the TSA will "keep us safe" while molesting you at the same time yet a 9 year old child got through without any problem.


  2. oh don't worry they are already spinning this to their advantage...

    i just saw on our local news that the DHS is blaming the government shutdown for it, see there weren't apparently enough DHS agents to poke and prod and corral everyone so this potential terrorist 9 year old escaped.

    they turn any failure into their opportunity for more power, more money and more control.

    honestly, until the people realize and stop enabling this type of manipulation we are doomed as every failure (real or false flag) is contributing to their success.

    could you imagine if in the private sector you could blame every failure, mistake, or oversight on needing more people, more money, more power, or more control? it never would be accepted as an excuse, yet our politicians get away with it daily...

    WE are the fools, well perhaps not "we" who are here reading this, but the "we" as in "we the people" who are too ignorant, too distracted, and too disinterested in their diminishing freedoms and Country.

    1. Oh good GOD! 10% of the government shuts down (none dealing with the TSA) and they blame their incompetence on the shutdown.

  3. God bless you guys. You see it for EXACTLY what it is - and that is what has them in full panic mode.

    Never give up. Never turn back. Shine the light of truth on the bastards, and shut them down...