Thursday, November 28, 2013

A Great Way to Get the Message Out.

Brad Aefsky emails:

Check out the change I got the other day.  Looks like a great way to get the message out.


  1. What a great way to get a message out. you could literally write anything on that note and people will have to read it and save it.

  2. Great Idea. "Honey, grab my wallet and a sharpy."

  3. Probably not as risky as operating the Silkroad, but isn't this still illegal?

    1. Who the fuck cares if it is illegal? If it were punishable by life in prison it would still be worth it since it would be impossible to prove who did it. Don't be such a coward.

    2. Thank you, Sir! With your graceful oratory, you can easily convert the masses to the cause of liberty!

    3. And your mewling on a Rothbardians website is sickening.

  4. Look at all that money displayed ... Wow. Lots' of Dollars there.

    Low interest rates have been the normal under the liberalism’s Global ZIRP, coming from the monetary authority of the world central banks.

    Holding cash, which pays almost nothing, has been most unattractive, especially when compared to the much higher yields available on alternative investments, such as Leveraged Buyouts PSP, paying 9.9% Junk Bond, JNK, paying 6.2%, Energy Partnerships, AMJ, paying 4.2%, and Global Telecom, IST, paying 3.8%. Those who have been holdouts in credit instruments, have lost principle, Mortgage Backed Bonds, MBB, have lost 1.8% over the last year.

    Many have placed their wealth in Money Market Funds, this is seen in the now dwindling lower pile of M2 Money which peaked on 10-21-2013 at 10,988, Billion..

    An inquiring mind asks what constitutes safe money? Are money market funds, safe? Will they be able to maintain their constant $1.00 value, or will they “break the buck”?

    By divine intervention The Fed be dead; at least the US Federal Reserve as it has been known is dead, and gone, swept away into the dustbin of history, and rising interest rates are “the new normal”. The death of fiat money, that is Aggregate Credit, AGG, and Major World Currencies, DBV, and Emerging Market Currencies, CEW, occurred on October 23, 2013, when Jesus Christ, acting in dispensation, that is the administration of all things economic and political, for the completion of every age, opened the first seal of the scroll of end time events, and released the Rider on the White Horse, who has a bow without any arrows to effect global coup d'etat to transfer sovereignty from democratic nation states to regional nannycrats and regional bodies such as the ECB. Thus enabling the bond vigilantes to call the Interest Rate on the Ten Year Note, ^TNX, higher from 2.48% utterly terminating Credit, AGG, and Currencies, DBV, and CEW.

    Wednesday November 27, with its strong stock market performance was likely the zenith of the banker regime’s rule which featured The Creature From Jekyll Island’s, the ECB’s LTROs and OMT’s, and PBOC’s, monetary stimulus. Thus completing a regulatory capture, clientelism and crony capitalism, as well as a European Socialism, and Greek Socialism, and Chinese Communism, fiat wealth experience, that came through moral hazard based investing prosperity. Capitalism, Socialism, and Communism, are epitaphs on liberalism's tombstone. Fiat money ruled in liberalism.

    The beginning of the beast regime’s rule will commence soon out of a global credit bust and financial system breakdown. It features regional governance monetary diktat. Thus introducing regional totalitarian collectivism’s fiat poverty experience, which comes through debt servitude austerity. Regionalism is the flag on authoritarianism’s life experience. Diktat money rules in authoritarianism.

    Today, we are at the very end stage of liberalism as Zero Hedge reports Margin Debt Soars To New Record, with the result that stocks are terrifically leveraged over debt, and are set for a fall, as is seen in the ratio of EFA:BWX ... CSQ:PFL ... EZU:EU ... VT:AGG.

    Most assuredly there has been a death, that being fiat money. The death of fiat money, that is Credit, AGG, and Currencies, DBV, CEW, has already started to transmit death to fiat wealth.

    The transmission of death by the failure of Credit, AGG, and Currencies, DBV, CEW, is seen in the ongoing Yahoo Finance Chart of Emerging Market Financials, EMFN, together with WOOD, PSCE, SOCL, TAN, FLM, CARZ, THD, XLU, and PICK.

    Soon, the death of fiat money, that is Credit, AGG, and Currencies, DBV, CEW, will be transmitted to the great wealth bubble, World Stocks, VT, and Global Financial Institutions, IXG, and the ensuing crash will be the genesis factor for the rise of regional governance, whose aim will be to provide regional security, stability, and sustainability.

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