Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Big Plans for Maria Bartiromo as FOX Business News (Weaken 'Meet the Press')

NyPo reports:
Star business journalist Maria Bartiromo, jumping to Fox Business Network from CNBC, may also help energize the Sunday morning talk show sector at Fox News Channel, The Post has learned.
It’s unclear what time slot a Bartiromo-helmed show might occupy but sources said Tuesday the aim is to put its new star on Sunday mornings to weaken NBC’s “Meet the Press,” hosted by David Gregory.[...] 
Agents for the 46-year-old Brooklyn native are also discussing with Fox Business Network brass a weekday morning show — as well as having her appear as a back-up for Neil Cavuto’s show, sources said. 
Bartiromo’s contract with NBCUniversal-owned CNBC runs until Nov. 24.


  1. Now FBN can become dumber. I for one have stopped watching all MSM. I can watch C-span and be lied to by the best this land has to offer.

  2. She rarely appeared on Meet the Press and when she did appear, she usually parroted something stupid that was fed to her by the Kochtapus.

    1. As opposed to the inanities and distortions fed to David Gregory by his handlers at the CFR.