Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Bitcoin Drops by $300

Bitcoin has declined in price this morning from $900.97 to $605.00.


  1. Hahaha...Do you feel better now Robert?

  2. And while we're on the subject...You have stated in the past that one of the best ways for Libertarians to get our message across is to make money and use that profit to remake the world. Well, I have met more than one "millionaire" made by Bitcoin under the age of 25. Young Libertarians with money to change the world.

    You should be cheering BTC Robert. Shame on you.

    1. Why cheer something that is destined to be incredibly regulated and tracked by the State? The big $$ backers getting into bitcoin now are already lobbying and cozying up to the power centers in DC. They, of course, will benefit from artificial barriers to entry and regulatory capture, while everyone else is left with a more high-tech version of paypal.

      I eagerly await the replies of "impossible" with absolutely no support for the conclusory response

    2. Cheer it for exactly the reason you mentioned. It annoys the state. They have to uncloak to ATTEMPT to regulate it.

      I won't claim they won't be successful, maybe they will, though I do think they'll fail. But who cares? It is making millions for some libertarians. It annoys the state. It is free exchange. It abides by the non-aggression principal.

      You libertarian BTC haters are really starting to piss me off. Don't participate, fine. Think it will fail, fine. But your letting your jealousy cloud your judgement.

      Grow up! Remember who the enemy is.

    3. "Why cheer something that is destined to be incredibly regulated and tracked by the State?"

      Like life? Housing? Food? Liberty? Guns? Property? Let's all vote these down too. The state has regulated them.

      Seriously, stop making excuses. The state can regulate everything or attempt it. What the f... do you have if Bitcoin ceases? Something better that most people would look to for convenience and anonymity?
      Instead of gloating that they may succeed, you should at least be hoping that they fail.
      Plenty of time to mourn the attempt once the state has succeeded. But you libertarian anti-Bitcoiners want to abort this baby in the womb because of some emotional problem you seem to be having with it.

      Anonymous (11:40 PM) is absolutely correct. Grow up and remember who the enemy is.
      You should take Lew Rockwell as an example. He accepts Bitcoin for his site. He probably knows Bitcoin won't stay out of the clutches of the state completely, but he has no irrational hatred for it.

    4. I don't recall anyone saying bitcoin should be "aborted" just that its destined to be (or so marginalized as to not matter ... i do not care one wit if anyone wants to hold savings in bitcoin, invest in it, speculate in it, etc. i just happen to think its not a viable alternative to fiat currency

      in any event, the likelihood that bitcoin is the digital currency that competes with fiat seems remote to me ... i would take the "field" over the original in cases like this

    5. "I don't recall anyone saying bitcoin should be "aborted" "

      Oh gimme a break. With the one sided reporting about it? That's the kind of "reporting" we can expect from biased people in the MSM. I haven't seen many, if any, of the critics mention that they hope to be proven wrong. It's just been badmouthing. What's the point of badmouthing something in a one sided manner if at the same time you wish the thing to remain?

      Like i said, plenty of important and good things have been regulated by the state. Do you abstain from those things too for that reason? Regulation by the state is separate from regarding an initiative as good or bad.

  3. And still up 25% since Friday.

  4. >It is making millions for some libertarians.
    Really? Millions in retained bitcoins, or have they actually cashed out into real assets?
    Big difference. I remember supposed millionaires in the virtual world Second Life (which utilized Linden Dollars), but ultimately the truth was far different.