Wednesday, November 6, 2013

BREAKING: Kokesh Pleads Guilty to Weapon, Drug Charges

Adam Kokesh facing drug and weapons charges after he posted a video of himself loading a shotgun on Freedom Plaza has pleaded guilty in D.C. today.

He pleaded guilty to marijuana possession and weapons charges. He's scheduled to be sentenced on Jan. 17.

Government 1 Kokesh 0


  1. Adam Kokesh: "Thou shalt not take a plea deal, unless you are Adam Kokesh."

    How disappointing.

  2. I think Adam took a plea deal because, by the letter of the law, he is as guilty as stink, and that's all the court is going to be deciding. While I am sure the court will take pleasure in the process, this demonstrates why this sort form of peaceful resistance was ill-thought out. You march with guns into a no-gun zone. and today? This is the only website I have frequent that is kind enough to provide updates. Adam is just another "gun nut" rotting in a cell, and he is likely to be there for a good deal longer when the process is done. This promoted greater civil liberties about zilch, and landed another person in the clink.

  3. If he had taken it to trial, maybe he would have accomplished something. The law is, technically, unconstitutional. Or he could have made a big stink, called for jury nullification.

  4. Out of 32 posts on your site concerning Kokesh, I have not seen one defending him in any substantial way. I understand you disagree with his method. That's fine. I agree with what you say. But you also say libertarians should fight with their words. Where are the words of defense for Kokesh? It comes off wrong to me. Maybe i'm not being fair to you, but it almost seems like cheering for the other side to make a point in your favor.

    It keeps bothering me so I thought I'd get it off my chest. You don't have to publish this or respond. I just wanted to spur some thought and get a little relief from this agitation I feel toward these posts.