Saturday, November 30, 2013

Christie Leads Rand Paul in CNN National Poll

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie jumped ahead of Kentucky junior Sen. Rand Paul in a nationwide survey for the 2016 presidential race conducted by CNN/ORC International.

Of the 843 people surveyed, Christie received 24 percent of the Republican vote, according to the poll released Friday. Paul received 13 percent.

U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan came in third with 11 percent.



  1. When you get elected your job will be to coerce and you get to live off the stolen loot of the citizens. How much does it matter which one does it in the overall scheme of the state?

    1. Nothing. But try telling Rand Paul fans that.

    2. B Carta proved your point.

  2. Bull hockey, this poll seems off too me because Rand Paul sticks by his words and has the past to prove it, When Christie has flopped more times then John McCain that goes with the highest bidder. Whos in these polls anyway, who is ORC International?... -just sayin