Saturday, November 30, 2013

Is Rand Too Busy with Detroit to Visit North Kentucky?

Is Rand to bust with Detroit and other parts of the country to visit parts of the the state he was elected to represent?

The Courier-Journal writes:
Miss you, Rand Paul | 'He desperately needs to get to Northern Kentucky'

Northern Kentucky Republicans and local tea party supporters miss Rand Paul.

Northern Kentucky hasn’t seen the state’s junior senator visit for a year – not since his speech Nov. 30 at the Boone County Republican Christmas Gala.

This year at the Christmas gala last Thursday, Paul bought a table but didn’t attend.

Since his last Northern Kentucky appearance, Paul has traveled the country, popping up in Iowa and New Hampshire as he mulls a 2016 presidential run.

He spoke Jan. 26 across the Ohio River in Sharonville at the Northeast Hamilton County Republican Club’s annual pancake breakfast.

But in Northern Kentucky, where Paul has made multiple trips each year since his 2010 campaign, he’s been absent in the region in 2013.

“He desperately needs to get to Northern Kentucky,” said Rick Brueggemann, Boone County GOP chairman.

“I think Northern Kentucky is what really made him rock ’n’ roll. Despite where he might live (western Kentucky), Northern Kentucky is such a strong base that put him where he’s at. We miss him, I guess you’d say.”

His office staff said scheduling conflicts and the government shutdown have prevented him from coming to Northern Kentucky this year.

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  1. Even though the university in Bowling Green is called Western Kentucky University, it's really in south-central Kentucky -- just for the record.