Monday, November 4, 2013

Does Rand Paul Thinks He Is Gay Talese?

In light of the plagiarism charges against Rand for his clipping from Wikipedia without attribution, readers may find this clip between interviewer Elon Green and Gay Talese instructive
Talese: I didn’t get that. That quote was published. I lifted it out of a magazine article about Marilyn Monroe that was written by Maurice Zolotow. I just clipped it. I took it out and I stuck it in there, and it took on a meaningfulness, a dimension. Hell, I never interviewed Marilyn Monroe. So I sometimes incorporate what has gone obscure in other people’s work. It’s in another context that the quote becomes a gem.

Green: From what I remember of the DiMaggio piece, you don’t attribute it.

Talese: No, I don’t. I didn’t attribute it because you couldn’t. If I did, the mood would be lost. It was such a quiet insertion and it had its impact.

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