Thursday, November 21, 2013

FBI Spied On Economist John Kenneth Galbraith

NyPo reports:
J. Edgar Hoover’s FBI secretly monitored David Frost’s US program to keep tabs on his left-wing guests – and once even planted an undercover agent in his New York studio audience, according to the famed Brit talk show host’s FBI file, obtained by The Post. 
Guests that got the feds’ attention included Johnson-era Attorney General Ramsey Clark, economist John Kenneth Galbraith and black nationalist Stokely Carmichael among others, according to the 45-page dossier obtained under the Freedom of Information Act.
 Galbraith had personally disparaged Hoover, according to NyPo. Long forgotten, Galbraith was the Paul Krugman of his day. Writing nonsense, in my view, more eloquently than Krugman.

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  1. "John Kenneth Galbraith" Uggggg. Please Bob. I'd almost forgotten about him. My econ professor in college made us read his books. I think just to make sure we were confused enough to know nothing of economics. It was much later that I found the likes of Mises and Rothbard.