Thursday, November 21, 2013

HHS Chief Sebelius: “Uh oh.”

Sebelius looking at screen that says, "Sorry, our system is temporarily down." 

Politico reports:
Sebelius was visiting a Miami medical center Tuesday and talking with local residents trying to sign up for health coverage. With a local CBS4 television camera rolling, a navigator helping a husband and wife with coverage attempted to send their application. Seconds later, the site failed — in full view of the crowd and attending media.
“Sorry, our system is down,” explained the screen message, which suggested the couple try again in 30 minutes.
Several media reports attributed a two-word response to Sebelius: “Uh oh.”
I am beginning to think that Kathleen Sebelius is the best thing to happen to shake the faith in government since the US lost the Vietnam War.


  1. We LOST vietnam?!!! I didn't know we've ever lost anything... America #1!!!

  2. Problem....thesis....synthesis.

    Beware the proposed "fix" to this whole mess.

  3. epic fail.... wow....and next year even more people will be "given" the opportunity to experience Obamacare directly

  4. Would have been better if she uttered, 'Rot Ruh.'

  5. I know I'm not the first to suggest this but it is getting to the point where you have to wonder if the whole scheme was designed to fail, destroying the private health insurance market and thereby leading to government monopoly medicine.

    1. You definitely have to wonder. It's so absurd it makes me think the crony web developers were actually told to spend the hundreds of millions of extorted dollars they were given on coke and hookers and otherwise just make a cosmetic page to put up Oct. 1.