Friday, November 22, 2013

Gary North to Give Away His Library: 10,000+ Books

I Will Soon Give Away My Library: 10,000+ Books
By Gary North

It's time to cut the cord. Think of Linus without his blanket.

I am now in the "wrap it up" phase of my intellectual career. I do not have time for original research.

I write my normal 7-8 articles a day for and Tea Party Economist. I write, record, and edit three lessons a day for the Ron Paul Curriculum. I now have marketing responsibilities to get the curriculum into the homes of homeschool families. These responsibilities will increase.

Then there are the 700+ videos that I must produce which will boil down the chapters in my Economic Commentary on the Bible. Then there are the volumes that I must write, bringing the project to its completion after 45 years: my version of The Wealth of Nations. There must be a fat book, a medium size book, and a short book. Then there are the videos on this. Then there is my book of the epistemology of economics. These are wrap-it-up projects.

YouTube has made a huge difference for anyone in the idea business. It is not enough to write books. Everything must also be on videos and PDFs, or else it will not reach the Remnant.

At the heart of the library are the sections on western civilization and U.S. history. But there are also large sections on education, sociology, the history of the conservative movement, modern warfare, Social Credit and the Greenback movement, church history, conspiracies and secret societies, occultism, liberal Protestant theology, philosophy, and political science.

My library needs to be where researchers can get to it. But which researchers? College undergraduates, who rarely read a monograph or write a term paper? Graduate students? Where? Not in some huge state university library, where instructors are hostile. A non-profit research institute? Which one? If it's close to a major university, many of the books are available in the library. But if it's located in the boondocks, will researchers ever show up?

Christian colleges usually have small libraries. Their shelf space is limited. So is their cataloging money. It costs money to catalog a book.

I want a lot of bang for my books.

If any non-profit outfit wants it, the head of the organization should write a 250-word application. "Why my organization will put your library to effective use." I want to know the following:

1. Where the books will be housed? Mixed into an existing library? Separate section?
2. Number of books in the already existing library
3. Geographical location
4. Graduate students?
5. How long the organization has been operating
6. Publications
The outfit must send a team to Powder Springs, Georgia to crate it.

I am placing one restriction on my offer. Any duplicate books may not be sold. They must be set aside. I will give these to the second-place winner my the list.

It would be great to have it set up the way J. Evetts Haley's library is. But that took a fortune to endow. Then there is his late wife's library, which includes Congressman Lawrence McDonald's library.

I have 80 hand-made bookcases. These originally cost $250 each in the late 1980s. If a non-profit organization takes the books, but is not a library, these will go for free.

Submission deadline: December 15, 2013.

Decision date: December 31, 2013

Book removal date: January 31, 2014

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