Saturday, November 2, 2013

George Carlin: Question Everything


  1. question the action axiom.

    1. Try, troll. Come back to tell us that you are an example of a human not capable of purposeful action.

    2. You acted with your dumb-ass trolling comment. You are dumb.

  2. I question this.............

    Nanex ~ 28-Oct-2013 ~ Fed News Gets an Internet Kill Switch

    On October 25, 2013, the Federal Reserve announced it would add an Internet Kill Switch (among other measures) to prevent future leaks of FOMC news announcements. We proved with market data that the September 18, 2013 Fed (FOMC no-taper) news release must have been secreted out of the Treasury Department and placed on computers in New York and Chicago trading centers sometime before the official 2 PM release from Washington, D.C. We strongly encourage you to read Einstein and the Great Fed Robbery.

    We have since learned, from people familiar with the matter, that one or more news organizations secreted the Fed news out of the Treasury Department before 2 PM and loaded it onto servers in trading centers in New York and Chicago. This has not yet been disclosed publicly.
    Recommended Action
    It seems reasonable that the guilty party should be banned from future Fed announcements for a period of 1 year and pay a fine equal to 3 times the cost of the service. Reputable news organizations don't participate in breaking/bending rules. At the very least, we would expect when confronted with evidence, a reputable news service would immediately confess about any involvement.

    Whistle Blowers.
    Do you have information about the Great Fed Robbery?