Saturday, November 2, 2013

Obamacare: You May Not Be Able To Keep Your Own Hospital

An EPJ reader writes:
My father's a doctor and he's 67.  He was telling me his hospital does not accept any ACA plan.  So he was joking with me that Obama promised that we can keep our own doctors, well now it is apparent some of us will not even be able to keep our own hospitals.


  1. So turns out Obamacare is not a govt takeover of health care. Hospitals and doctors can still act to maximize their profits rather than treat illness.

    1. it would take complete and total deregulation in order to reach a point where hospitals acted to maximize their profits by treating illness.

      the industry has been cartelized...and the creeps (state regulators) are in charge of regulating innovation out of the picture.

    2. Half right as always. Obamacare is not a govt takeover of health care, it's just the ratcheting up of a process which began a century ago.

      As opposed to the more overtly socialist approach taken by other nations, the American approach has been to socialize losses and privatize profits. As would be expected, those who have benefited most have been the larger, better connected entities. Make no mistake: family/general practitioners (along with ob/gyns and pediatricians) are not among them, which is why there is a shortage of these that will accelerate as government deepens its involvement.

  2. Well, that's weird, because the ACA plans are from insurance companies. They are overpriced health insurance plans from familiar companies.

  3. yeah i don't get it, obamacare is a figurative highway robbery where everyone is forced to buy sucker health insurance plans. that must be one hell of a principled hospital because that's the ONLY reason a hospital will turn that money away. i would predict that in the long run in order to survive they will need to accept ACA plans.

    Therefore, I call BS on Mr. Anonymous "My father's a doctor".