Monday, November 25, 2013

Gunman Reported on Yale Campus


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Via NYT:

 The Yale Daily News reported that police SWAT teams were on Yale’s Old Campus, where many freshmen live, and that Elm Street had been blocked off.

The university sent out a message on Twitter around 10:45 a.m. reading “Unconfirmed report of a person on campus w/ a gun. Please stay indoors.” Twenty-one minutes later the report was listed as confirmed. The alert was also broadcast through text messages, blue security phones stationed around the campus, and inside dormitories.






  1. Will you fucking nut balls stop doing this please!!!? We're not going to have ANY rights left if this keeps up! And look at that pick. These people are military soldiers not police. Talk about 100% unconstitutional!

  2. Yikes, it would appear there are now several gunmen on campus...

  3. It looks like there are multiple gunmen at Yale.

  4. I wonder what the collective IQ among all of them are. I wonder if they know that Barney Fife was not the hero of the show.

    Talk about gun control being a joke. They decry people worked hard and learned something by doing multiple things and going to school and whatever else, but turn around and stick a gun in the hands of people that have the inability to pick up a book. All it turns into is "I have the badge and gun so whatever I say goes." No need for law and order.

    - JS

  5. All I can say is if you look at the frequency of what has been happening the past couple of years with these attacks, they are way too high. My opinion is that someone should do a statistical analysis of them because I think just like the FBI manufactures terrorists by providing them with all the materials they need via entrapment, I wouldn't be surprised if that is what is happening here. There is something outside the norm influencing these circumstances.

  6. "The incident began when an anonymous call was placed from a phone booth off-campus to the New Haven Police at 9:48 a.m.. The caller, who did not identify himself, told New Haven Police that his roommate had a gun on the Yale campus. New Haven police shared this information with Yale Police, and both responded immediately, scouring the campus and the location of the phone booth off campus from which the anonymous call was placed.

    A few minutes after the Yale Alert was sent to the campus community, a Yale employee called police to report that she saw a man walking on Old Campus with a rifle. It now appears that the man she saw may have been one of the early responding police officers carrying a rifle. "