Sunday, November 24, 2013

Massachusetts One Step Closer to Higher Unemployment

The Massachusetts Senate has voted to raise the state’s minimum wage from $8 to $11 per hour by 2016 and tie subsequent increases to inflation.

The bill, approved by a 32-7 vote Tuesday, would increase the wage for the state’s lowest-paid workers in increments over the next three years, starting in July 2014.

The bill now heads to the state House.

Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley and state Treasurer Steven Grossman — both of whom are running for the Democratic nomination for governor next year — said they also support increasing in the minimum wage.

As regular EPJ readers are aware. Increasing the minimum wage flies in the face of basis economics, if helping poorly skilled laborers is the goal. It will only cause greater uemployment.


  1. I call them supply and demand deniers

  2. This might pass if Biz can get some unemployment insurance reform as part of the package.
    Everybody but the little guy wins.

  3. Jobs are not the solution. Jobs are the problem. Unemployment is good. More people are learning to survive outside the matrix.

    Marion McCoskey

  4. I've read convincing arguments that raising the minimum wage is primarily to benefit the unions, who of course are major Democrat supporters / beneficiaries.

    1. I've heard or read but can't confirm that a lot of Mass. union jobs being multiples of the min. wage.