Sunday, November 24, 2013

Hell Hath No Fury Like an Oligargch Scorned (Rupert Murdoch Edition)

The UK's Mailonline reports:
Relations between Rupert Murdoch and Tony Blair have collapsed over reports of Mr Blair’s friendship with the media mogul’s ex-wife, Wendi Deng.
The former Prime Minister has always maintained his friendship with Ms Deng is platonic.
But Mr Murdoch is said to regard the rift with Mr Blair as ‘terminal’ and has refused to speak to him since he filed for divorce from Ms Deng in June. Mr Blair has tried to contact Mr Murdoch but has been rebuffed.
Sources close to Mr Murdoch in London say that staff at his home in California claimed Mr Blair and Ms Deng stayed there overnight at the same time on weekends in October 2012 and April this year, without Mr Murdoch’s knowledge.
It is also claimed that Mr Blair and Ms Deng had ‘multiple encounters’ of which Mr Murdoch was unaware. They are said to include a weekend overnight stay at Mr Murdoch’s home in Los Angeles and meetings in London and New York.[...]

The divorce of Mr Murdoch, 82, and his 44-year-old third wife, was finalised by a US court last week.
A bitter war of words broke out last night between the rival camps of Mr Blair and Mr Murdoch.
A close friend of Mr Blair said: ‘Rupert Murdoch is putting out ridiculous stories about Wendi and Tony which are not true. It is the ravings of a sad old man.’
A friend of News Corporation boss Mr Murdoch, whose newspaper empire includes The Sun and The Times, said: ‘Rupert Murdoch will have nothing more to do with Tony Blair. Not ever.’[...]

A source close to Mr Murdoch said: ‘Rupert has been thorough, careful and has not acted lightly.
‘If you think that Rupert made a decision to end his marriage and a long-term friendship without just cause, you are sorely mistaken.’
These money guys are pretty tough, you cheat on them and it is over. No second chances. Trump ended his marriage with his second wife, Marla Maples, after he got wind that she was screwing a security guard. Years after the divorce, I saw her, with roving eyes, eating alone in a Beverly Hills diner

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