Thursday, November 21, 2013

Politicians Say The Darndest Things

By, Chris Rossini

Yesterday, Illinois Governor, Pat Quinn signed same-sex marriage into law. Illinois politicians all patted themselves on the back, and the Governor declared it an "epic victory".

We'll put aside the fact that government has no business whatsoever being involved in marriages. It's just one more area where they spread their slimy tentacles.

But we'll put that aside, and focus on the party.

During the jubilation, Representative Greg Harris was so overjoyed that he decided to drop some history:
"When our constitution was written, those who wrote it understood that liberty and equality are not destinations, but they're journeys ..."
Wow! Yay Constitution!

What are the odds that someone there would pull up the Constitution to check these claims? If you guessed zero, you're probably correct. Harris could have said the Constitution was typed up on an iMac, and no one would've second-guessed it.

What are the odds that this libertarian writer would pull up the Constitution to check these claims?...100%.

Here are the findings:

The U.S. Constitution mentions the word "Liberty" only once (in the Preamble). It's mentioned very generically. No specifics.

The word "Equality" does not appear at all in the U.S. Constitution...Zero...Zilch...Nada.

The word "Journey" is also nowhere to be found.

What about the word "Power"?...Oh that's in there for sure: 16 times.

But who am I to ruin a good party?

Yay Constitution!...rah! rah! rah!

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  1. The vain pretend. With tremendious fanfare they pronounce silly nonsense and tell themselves and any fool that listens that they accomplish great things.

  2. As a gay man, and one who is joined by God and family with the man I love, with legal documents that cover all of the private enjoyment they provide (but cannot get any recognition by the State or Feds) I wish the government would just GET OUT OF THE MARRIAGE BUSINESS.

    If I was a Mormon I would ask for the same.

    1. [and] GET OUT OF THE MARRIAGE BUSINESS. What??!? and leave people alone? how will they manage without being taken advantage of?

  3. My wife and I recently married with our closest friends and family in attendance, but we decided not to consecrate our vows with a worthless piece of paper provided by the state. It is similar to refraining from voting for me- I won't give tacit approval to such an institution, which has absolutely no business or authority (in my eyes) in the matter. We also did not have a religious style wedding, rather we worked with the officiant to write the ceremony we wanted, and vows that we found to be meaningful. Damn it, this was our day!

    Our officiant, who is a retired pastor, had issues with this in that he felt that we had removed the two things that qualified him to officiate the ceremony. Another interesting thing was that he mentioned the states who ordered officiants to marry homosexual people had caused quite a stir among the officiants who are also pastors and believe homosexuality to be a sin. He totally agreed that the state has no business being involved in marriage, and was very kind in helping us with our wedding in so many ways. We were both very grateful that he overlooked our curious philosophy, and he performed a great ceremony for us and our closest companions!

    When debating with my wife about the pros and cons of getting a marriage license, I started to think about what marriage is- two people who love each other making a commitment to each other in front of family and friends. Who in the world imagines a role for the state in this act? No one except sociopath politicians! I, for one, don't need their seal of approval! The approval and support from our family and friends has deep meaning, state permission is hollow...

  4. Dammit, look at the bright side, things could be much worse. I have a friend with a conjoined twin that's gay. His brother is going out on his first date, but it's my friend's ass...

    [Perhaps we could all just mind our own business. I know - just too much to ask.]