Thursday, November 7, 2013

Rahmaland: New Advances In Flash Mob Robberies

CBS Chicago reports:
Unbelievable surveillance video captured flash mobs dashing into store after store and running out with armloads and sometimes entire racks of sporting goods.

It has happened at three different Sports Authority stores in the Chicago area.[...]

It’s like a next generation flash mob.

“They used to just be fun. They used to just be positive and now, I don’t know, it seems to have turned into something negative,” said one shopper.
Video here.


  1. DHS Director: That's it! No more flash mobs! For now on, you flash mob; we flash bang. Flash mobs are a national security hazard so no more organizing and gathering in public....err...I meant, no more flash mobs. If even two of you terrorists out there start to jiggle your leg, we'll cut you down before you can even bust a move.

  2. So a mob seizes someone's wealth.
    Can super-prog Rahm Emanuel chastise the mob ..........with a straight face?

  3. Once the CCW law goes into effect in IL (meaning that people can actually get the actual license), I think these will all but stop. We had a rash of these in Milwaukee during the summer of 2011. We haven't had a single one since. I've got an inkling that Wisconsin legalizing CCW in November 2011 has something to do with it.