Friday, November 15, 2013

Robert Reich on How The King Raises Standards For All

By, Chris Rossini

Robert Reich joins the chorus on the left who think that Obama's "you can keep it" lies were for your own good. After all, Reich asks, why "allow insurers to offer whatever crap they were offering before"?

Furthermore, you have to know your place in the food chain. If the King wakes up and decides to raise healthcare standards for everyone, you don't complain about your petty freedom, but instead should thank the King for his glorious generosity:
Whenever industry standards are lifted — a higher minimum wage, safer workplaces, non-toxic foods and drugs, safer cars — people no longer have the “freedom” to contract for the sub-standard goods and services.
If the King decides that the minimum wage should be $10/hr., then do not cry if you only have the skills for $8 or $9/hr. Yes, you will be forced into unemployment, but you should not focus on your own selfish life. Be thankful that the King has raised the standards for all.

If you lack the skills for $10/hr, there is a "safety net" setup just for you. Take a comfortable seat in the safety net, and let your fellow neighbor pay for your subsistence. In the meantime, the King shall improve education, and make sure that you learn the skills to earn the minimum wage.
After your education is complete, and you have the skills ready to earn the King's minimum wage, you can be confident to return to a workplace that has been made "safer" by the King as well. The gracious Leader has also inspected your food and drugs to protect you from the world's greedy savages.

You may (if you're into the logic thing) come up with the following questions:

"I really could have avoided going on welfare. I could have made a contract with the businessman to work for $7/hr. Don't I have that freedom in America?"

You have lost that "freedom" as Reich has pointed out. The King knows best.

"Doesn't the businessman have an incentive to create a safe environment? Wouldn't a safe environment lower his costs? Accidents are surely a cost he'd want to avoid. Also, wouldn't a dangerous environment discourage the best and brightest in that industry from seeking employment with him?"

The King has "raised the standards". The King knows best.

"If I were in the food business, my top priority would be to make sure that no one gets sick from my food. Otherwise, my reputation and business would be ruined, wouldn't it?"

The King must double-check you.

"My customers are my double-check. If I fail, I'm dead meat. Besides, why can't I hire a reputable private agency to double-check me?"

You do not have that "freedom". The King's inspectors are the chosen ones.

"But this is Ameri..."

No buts! The King raises standards for all.

"What if the King's edicts actually encourage businessmen to cut corners on safety? After all, if an accident happens, can't the businessmen avoid blame and responsibility by saying they followed all the King's rules? 

What if, left on their own, the businessmen didn't have that way out? Wouldn't that encourage the businessmen to be even more careful if they knew their own butts were on the line? Wouldn't they, instead of having a way out, actually compete with one another by offering safer and safer work environments?"

You surely did not learn this from one of The King's schools. Where have you been?

"Finally, it has been documented that many more people have died from drugs that the King has inspected than have ever died from drugs that the King has prohibited. 

Wouldn't it be safer, and wouldn't more people live if the King would stop inspecting prescription drugs, and stop putting people in cages for using the drugs that the King doesn't like?"

The King knows best. Get back to work.

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  1. Chris, this is the best article yet- pretty high praise considering the high quality of your previous works.

    Major kudos!

  2. You can work below minimum wage if you want. Illegals do it all the time. No reason a citizen can't do it.

    1. apart from the whole cooling your heels thing at the kings pleasure.

    2. Other than that no employer is going to hire a citizen below minimum wage. The king's penalties for doing so are draconian. Illegals have a lot to lose by reporting an employer--citizens don't. Hence no market for below minimum wage citizens.

  3. With Jerry serving as the model of a typical citizen, we're clearly way far from being secure.