Monday, November 4, 2013

Roger Stone's JFK Assassination Book Is Out

There are a bunch of new JFK assassination books out for the 50th anniversary of the killing. But it is the new book Roger Stone book, The Man Who Killed Kennedy: The Case Against LBJ (released today) that I have been waiting for.

Among other things

•      Stone ties LBJ to at least seven politically motivated murders prior to the murder of John F. Kennedy. Stone: “LBJ would order up a murder just as you or I would order a ham sandwich.”

•      Stone tells about the early murders of LBJ: the 1951 Doug Kinser murder, the 1952 Sam Smithwick prison murder; the 1961 murder of US agricultural official Henry Marshall and numerous other other LBJ-murders relating to the cover up of the epic corruption in the  Billie Sol Estes scandal in the early 1960’s.

•      Lyndon Johnson’s personal hit man Malcolm Wallace (also an employee of military contractor and LBJ insider D.H. Byrd who owned the Texas School Book Depository) was one of a team of shooters assassinating JFK. Stone reveals that a fingerprint matching Wallace and found in the so called sniper’s nest ties LBJ directly to the murder of JFK.

•      Stone reveals, in a game changing addition to the historical record, that Richard Nixon recognized Lee Harvey Oswald’s assassin, strip club owner Jack Ruby, as “one of Lyndon Johnson’s boys” who Nixon had arranged to be placed as a paid informant for the House Un-American Activities Committee in 1947 as a favor to then Congressman Lyndon Johnson.

•      Stone reveals that Nick Ruwe (a former top aide to Nixon) said that when Nixon saw Jack Ruby on TV after he murdered Oswald, Nixon exclaimed, “I know that man!”

•      Stone reveals, for the first time ever, his insider conversations with his political mentor John Davis Lodge. Davis said his brother Henry Cabot Lodge blamed LBJ, the CIA and Mafiosi for JFK’s murder.

•      Anthony “Fat Tony” Salerno, head of the Genovese crime family who were close business associates with LBJ intimate, Texas oil man Clint Murchison, told Roger Stone, in the presence of Roy Cohn, that Lyndon Johnson and Carlos Marcello were behind the JFK assassination. Roy Cohn nodded his head in agreement as both men laughed.

•      Stone lays out the connections between the Bay of Pigs invasion fiasco, the JFK assassination and the fall of Richard Nixon in Watergate. Stone outlines how Nixon maneuvered furiously to obtain CIA records that would shed light on CIA-Mob connections to the JFK assassination as an “insurance policy” against investigation and impeachment in the Watergate scandal.

•      LBJ led a cabal of Dallas, TX oil men, the CIA and the Mob in the murder of John Kennedy.Stone lays out LBJ’s ties to each group and outlines their motives for murdering JFK.

•      Senator Robert F. Kennedy entered the presidential race in 1968 and was intent on re-opening the investigation into his brother’s death, which Stone argues led directly to RFK’s own murder.

Stone will be a guest on the Robert Wenzel Show on November 17, to discuss the book.


  1. My money is still on the Dulles Brothers but I'm sure there could be more than a slight connection between the two.

  2. LBJ was the same as JFK....middle managers.
    CIA/NSA calls the shots and they have for a long time
    What dictator just relinquishes power as LBJ did? No one
    Elections come and go. The National security state stays in office

    Think about it

  3. I just bought the electronic version of this book. I'm fascinated by the topic AND I ALWAYS THOUGHT PRESIDENT JOHNSON KILLED KENNEDY. Hopefully this book will put all of the pieces of the puzzle together and finally explain what really happened to JFK.

  4. Roger Stone pegs every detail of the greatest crime of the 20th Century. He provides names, places, dates, even fingerprints and paraffin tests. Run, do not walk to get a copy of this book.

  5. Have been waiting to read this for months. If anyone had the access to the people & information, it's Roger Stone. Picked up my copy today.

  6. I’m so ready to read Roger Stone’s book. My almost 50-year old argument with my brother is that he claims Oswald was guilty and I claim Lyndon Johnson had Kennedy killed. After reading a couple of reviews of Stone’s book, including this one, I know I will find proof of my contention of Johnson’s guilt. I ordered my copy from Amazon.

  7. Believing Kennedy was killed by a lone gunman is no stretch. Just like believing WTC 7 fell on its own is no stretch. Ack