Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Ron Paul Inc Operative to Head Super-PAC

John Tate, from the Campaign for Liberty,  will take over America’s Liberty PAC, a new super-PAC.

Rand Paul didn't hold back in singing the praises of the Ron Paul Inc soldier.

“John will be missed [at Campaign for Liberty],” said Rand, today. “I’ve known John since before I even ran for the United States Senate. He played a crucial role in bringing top-level staffers onto my 2010 run for the Senate – including my political director, Doug Stafford. John has been someone I’ve leaned on ever since."

“No one in Washington, D.C., has John’s track record of experience and effectiveness fighting for limited government principles. He was tea party before tea party was cool,” Rand added.

“Super-PACs play a major role in today’s politics, so I can’t tell you how happy I am to know there’s now a major super-PAC out there fighting for the limited government principles our liberty movement cherishes,” Rand said. “I believe with my friend John at the helm, America’s Liberty PAC will establish itself as not just a critical ally of the tea party, but a feared political force in Washington, D.C. – something the liberty movement desperately needs.”

For those who don't follow the political machinations of liberty politics, this is another move in the direction of political opportunism over libertarian principle.


  1. The conceit that Liberty can be advanced by Super-PACs is inherently contradictory. Nice work, Bob, that's the second time today you've found someone who's violating the Law of Noncontradiction. No wonder HuffPo is so confused--they just take Rand at face value.

    1. As do way too many self-styled libertarians.

    2. @ Anonymous November 28, 2013 at 12:02 AM

      That's true.
      I wonder how many of these self-styled "libertarians" knew anything about it before Ron Paul, and how many of them have actually read works of other great libertarians. I suspect most of these Johnny come latelies just have intellectual laziness and think the libertarian movement was born with Ron Paul's bid for presidency, and think it must be a Paul family invention.
      Most of these people probably still don't really understand just how *radical* you'd have to be to be a true libertarian (Israel is our ally and we shouldn't stop foreign aid to them immediately, Rand? Really?). It is not just one step removed from neocons. It's a thousand. It's the kind of thing where you can instantly recognize how much of a poser someone like a Rand Paul or a Justin Amash really is because they are closer to the neocons than they are to even mild libertarians (real ones).