Wednesday, November 27, 2013

What Will Rand Paul Do?

Rand Paul still hasn't said anything publicly about Obama's deal with Iran. It's a delicate situation for him as crazed neocon Jennifer Rubin understands very well:
Now Paul, too, is an ambitious man, one who tried to cozy up to Israel and thereby Israel’s conservative supporters in the United States. But he has arrived at the inevitable clash of his ideology and his ambition, his worldview and reality. If one is pro-Israel in any sense of the word, one cannot be anything but irrevocably opposed to allowing Iran to keep its enrichment capabilities and illegal nuclear sites.

So what will Rand Paul do? Will his “containment” musing go down the memory hole, or will he be the sole pro-Obama voice in the GOP when it comes to our most dangerous security threat? Now, one might conclude that he is as unfit to govern as Obama is — and would not have approached Iran any differently. But going forward he’ll now have to choose whether he is his father’s son when it comes to Iran or a plausible voice on foreign policy.

If, like Cruz, Rand Paul makes a stand against an Iran with a nuclear-weapons capability, he’ll have to stare down his most rapid libertarian fans. Moreover, some of his previous positions will prove to be highly inconsistent with newfound appreciation for the Iranian menace. He may discover we actually have interests in Syria. He might ruminate about the size and capability of our navy and air force. He might even want to make sure we’re gathering all the information necessary in case Hezbollah or Hamas pick up some fissile material. Once you pull on the thread of isolationist folly, it tends to unravel.

Note: Rubin is pretty off the wall here. You can be pro-Israel and not be anti-Iran, as many Israelis in Israel are. Incorrectly, Rubin considers the neocon view to be the only pro-Israel view. But this is the neocon view here in the US. It will be fun to watch how Rand attempts to tap dance his position. He does not appear to be as concerned about neocon views as much as he is evangelical views. His pollsters are certainly telling him that the neocons are an insignificant voting block (Though Rand seems to ignore their influence with MSM.) Once his pollsters tell him how the evangelicals view the Obama-Iran deal Rand will be out with his view, hedging in the direction of the evangelicals.


  1. You should put a photo up of Jennifer Rubin. It tends to undermine everything she has to say.

    We know that the MSM is cool with this because during the 2012 campaign the MSM usually published unflattering pictures of Ron Paul, even though they must have gone to considerable trouble to get them.

  2. I believe Triangulation Man is stuck somewhere in a bunker trying to figure out how to form a triangle between himself, libertarians and neocons/warvangelicals on Iran that has more than 180 degrees.

  3. Undeniably, it will be interesting to see Rand's synthesis.

  4. What's Rand going to do? Picture Miss Ruben with a strap-on dildo and Rand bent over a table and you get the idea.

  5. I love it when posers are forced into a political leg split like this.
    That way you can eventually tell if they got cohones.

    What's it gonna be Rand? War mongering, world police neocon? Or alienating your potential war mongering, world police voting bloc and damaging your 2016 chances?

  6. What would Wenzel do? Resign from the senate and let a neocon take his place?