Saturday, November 23, 2013

Rothbard's Words Thunder Through The European Parliament

By, Chris Rossini

Austrian School ideas are zipping across the Earth. Watch one of Murray Rothbard's greatest quotes thunder through the halls of the European Parliament on Nov. 21st. This is Godfrey Bloom MEP, Ind. (Yorkshire & Lincolnshire):

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    "If an Austrian economist is to be presented as an example of the case, it will eventually be Ludwig von Mises instead of Hayek. And ultimately, Murray Rothbard will have to be confronted. They will have to deal with these two stalwarts because the state – as it has grown to exist today – cannot be defended as the state promises all break.

    "That day is coming."

    It seems that day has come! Hooray for our team!

  2. Godfrey, will you please come to the USA and be our president. We haven't had one for while.

  3. Only too bad this guy was booted out of UKIP. The rest of UKIP and Farage that everybody loves are unfortunately a bunch of statists only slightly better than the Torys.

  4. I will buy the rope!

  5. I'm sorry guys, but don't be fooled by Bloom. The guy is a monumental bore of the worst possible kind. If you want to put off large swathes of the thinking population, then promoting this man is the surest way to achieve that goal. He's just the kind of loutish pub loudmouth that people like me cannot stand. He has all the finesse and sophistication of a neo-nazi.

    Do not mistake his theatrics for courage, as it's pure self-promotion. He's a man who adores the sound of his own voice and I can imagine him turning to others after such a confrontation and saying "I really stuck it to them this time, eh!". Yea, Godfrey, you did, in the most offensive and bombastic way possible.

    Such firework displays do nothing to further the cause of promoting Liberty and Libertarian philosophy and Austrian Economics among political and economic thinkers, movers and shakers. Though I have no doubt that Bloom is not the first such distasteful character to identify with the movement we all hold so dear, I would imagine that men of the calibre of MIses, Hayek and Rothbard were horrified at such men aligning themselves with their cause. In fact , I've heard Rothbard say as much on an old recording from the seventies.

    All one can hope for is that such individuals will eventually disqualify themselves from being taken seriously owing to their own inability to know when to stop. He'll keep on going in that vein until he has pissed everyone off, at which point he will honestly believe himself to be the last remainng man with a sane and coherent worldview!

    Funny thing is, he reminds me of the Chancellor in 'V for Vendetta'. Need I say more?