Thursday, November 14, 2013

Socialist Sawant Pulls Ahead in Seattle Council Race

Socialist challenger Kshama Sawant has pulled narrowly ahead of longtime Seattle City Councilmember Richard Conlin in updated vote totals.

Sawant, the first socialist to make a general election for Seattle City Council in 22 years, led Conlin by 41 votes – 79,751 to 79,710 — in the latest update. That translates to a 49.91 percent to 49.88 percent lead.

The Seattle Times reports:
Countywide, King County Elections estimates there are about 62,000 ballots still to be processed. The number for Seattle is probably closer to one-third of that.
Officials also estimate there are about 9,700 ballots, again countywide, whose signatures have been challenged. Both campaigns worked over the weekend to identify and help any supporters with challenged signatures.

Sawant has called for rent controls, a $15 minimum wage, a tax on millionaires and  for the nationalization of Amazon.

A mandatory machine recount will be triggered if the race is within 2,000 votes and 0.5 percent.


  1. She also wants to nationalize Boeing. Apparently companies belong to the workers. Also, she believes that if she could just take Bill Gates' and Paul Allen's money, nobody would have to be poor. When she talks she commits tons of fallacies and cites questionable facts as truth. Of course, she is an economics professor.

  2. Go Kshama!!!
    Free Books for All!!!!

  3. I hope she wins and teaches the Liberal community up there some big lessons in real world economics. Time to short the Seattle housing market?

  4. And what's her day job? Economics professor!

  5. Does the electoral success of Bill De Blasio and Kshama Sawant signal the return of overt Marxism as a major political force? It seems that recent economic problems, blamed on "capitalism" (as always), are leading many people back to the ideas that were tried and failed spectacularly during the 20th century. Maybe a Kshama win is our canary in the coal mine.

    1. I think you're onto something. I think, because of non-Austrians' very effective ability to relabel corporatism as capitalism, people will also be much more sympathetic to "remedies" that counter what they now believe is capitalism.

  6. Back in 2001 when my wife and I were newly married and trying to figure out where we were going to put down roots, we drove a big loop starting and ending in Northern California, up through Oregon to the top of Washington and back around the backside of both states.

    A beautiful drive to be sure. Back then my impressions were this:

    Oregon: Beautiful, but Commie/Socialist in attitude. Even then, during a stop in Portland I was trying to figure out why a cup of coffee was costing me so that time the minimum wage was around $10/hour and I didn't know it until I was told, in addition to a host of other employment laws. The person telling me was thinking I was on board the "progressive train"(working in a coffee store), they had no idea I was shopping areas with the intention of starting a business.

    Out the window Oregon went.

    We drove up to Seattle....horrendous traffic, no more beauty, the list...but it looks like the Commie attitude has migrated there as well I suppose.

    Enjoying the rest of the trip and ending up back in San Fran., where my money didn't go as far, it was off my list too. I ended up buying a business in the Southeastern

    The only thing I can say about a Socialist getting elected is that at least there's a bit more honesty in the label they are choosing to identify with compared with the 99% of those elected under "D" or "R".

    Seattle has a ton of wealth, so if this is the beginning of a Detroit like consumption of that wealth then they too will eventually see the effects of their community philosophy. The IAM just down voted a plan with Boeing to try to retain plane business there too...and their members were jumping up and down excited. EXCITED!

    It's like they think Boeing has no options. True nincompoops. I wonder how many more times that Sociaism has to temporarily prevail and then fail before even the apes among us scratch their heads and put 2+2 together. Are we really just doomed to have this film loop over and over again for the existence of humanity?

    1. This is why I love to talk politics with young people (16-25ish) because they see the corruption and cronyism of government and are VERY receptive to free-market explanation of the current economic and political cancer that is killing the country. They hate big banks, big business AND big government which leaves Austrian libertarianism as the best solution.

  7. ...And her name "Kshama' is a Hindi word that means "forgiveness".. ironical..!!

  8. Apparently the hordes of collectivist drones are so impressed with they want to use it as a model for the whole economy. Yikes, these idiots never learn.