Saturday, November 2, 2013

‘Subway Vigilante’ Goetz Busted in Pot Sale

The NYPD is still harassing Bernie. Sounds like this time they entrapped him. NyPo reports:
 Bernhard Goetz — the infamous “subway vigilante” who became part of New York City lore when he shot four youths who he said were threatening him on the subway in 1984 — was busted Friday evening for peddling $30 worth of pot to an undercover female cop, The Post has learned.

Goetz was arrested at 15th Street and Fifth Avenue near his Union Square pad at about 5:45 p.m., police sources said.
“He told her he wanted to get high with her and sold her a small amount of pot in a ­tissue,” a source said.
Goetz, 65, met the undercover on the street, chatted her up and walked with her back to his apartment, where he went upstairs to get the weed.

When he came downstairs to allegedly give her the pot, he was arrested, the source said. 
New Yorkers who live and work near the scene of the crime couldn’t believe Goetz had been busted for pot.
“Bernie? Oh, come on, they arrested him for that? It’s just pot, they should let him go,” said doorman John D’Antonia, 71, who works in a building near Goetz’s.


  1. At least he didn't pay the taxman while buying that small amount of weed, right? All of a sudden, for Bernie Goetz, the potential 100% levy on weed facilitated by its illegal status comes into full force.

  2. meanwhile the real crime goes unnoticed and unpunished..............

    Maguire: “People will ask me, ‘With such strong physical demand, how can the price (of gold) be going down?’ The answer is simple. Physical gold is completely unleveraged. Synthetic Comex supply is not gold at all, it’s just fake supply, and it temporarily overwhelms the underlying (true physical) demand.

    It’s pretty easy to do if you are the Fed. The Fed has a complete visibility into the (trading) ‘book,’ and knows exactly how much synthetic gold to dump into the market at any time to overcome the ‘bid stack,’ and ignite the algorithm-driven momentum follow through selling. It’s their (the Fed’s) game....

    “It allows the two primary bullion bank operatives to front-run, on inside information, for their own book too. And when a single entity instantly dumps, like after the FOMC (Meeting), over 35 tons of synthetic gold into the market, it’s giving the algorithm-driven market a temporary ability to overwhelm any unleveraged physical demand.

  3. Agreed the "war on drugs" and all regulations on Hemp or POT. are just plain ignorant. There are plenty of studies and substantiating data that shows the Governments false propaganda against anything that we do as individuals are Insane!!! Government controll of anything is only done to give the "Goverment" an upper hand against competition...period.

    It is not to make "us" "safer".