Sunday, November 24, 2013

Were Secret Payoffs Made to Protect a Senior Ron Paul 2012 Campaign Official?

Is Ron Paul Inc. about to blow up?

Multiple news media outlets are working on a story concerning payoffs that were made to protect a senior Ron Paul 2012 campaign official, who apparently was involved in inappropriate behavior with lower level employees/volunteers during the campaign. Hush money was apparently paid to keep the behavior secret. It is not clear if Ron Paul campaign 2012 funds were directly involved in the payoffs or if key Ron Paul supporters were coaxed into making the payoffs outside of the direct campaign.

One of the alleged victims/payoff recipients has moved to Israel, some believe so that it makes it more difficult for US authorities to question him.

Once this breaks, and it will break, given that certain parties are pushing the story very aggressively, the questions will turn to Ron Paul Inc. officials. It will be who knew about the payoffs and who knew about the activities of this official?

One source writes to me that this official is "the link between groups: C4L, NRTWC, RP 2012, and Bachmann 2012."  If this does link back as far as Bachmann 2012 and the Sorenson payoff, then the FBI may also already be looking into the matter.


  1. Israel? Doesn't sound too suspicious at all.
    Sort of like the DSK "scandal" that involved a "random" victim from a french territory in a french hotel in new york right before the french elections.

    Perhaps the "news" has to be timed properly before the victim comes out of hiding in Israel to tell the whole story.

  2. way to go, ignore the secret $85 billion dollar payoffs by the Federal Reserve, and focus on a measly $30K.