Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Where Is The Bill Gates That Used To Sleep Under His Desk?

By, Chris Rossini

The above is a picture of a young Bill Gates. It was a hungry and driven young man who would sleep under his desk during the creation of his company that would play a huge part in revolutionizing the world.

But alas, times have changed for the worse.

Now, many years later, we find Gates hanging around the likes of Slick Willy.

If there's one thing a parent should teach their kids, it's to choose the right people to hang around. Birds of a feather do flock together. Hang around Slick Willy long enough, and there's a chance you'll end up thinking, acting, and speaking just like him.

Well, Bill & Bill recently gave a joint interview, that was published by Wired. They were asked about "funding for science".

Here comes the response from Bill Gates:
In terms of funding science, both of us agree that we need to do more.
Uh-Oh...."both of us agree"...see what I mean...birds of a feather. The two can't possibly be in agreement on private free market financing. That's not Willie's thang. So anything that follows the first sentence can't be good:
The budget growth for the National Institutes of Health during President Clinton’s time was fantastic—I think it doubled. Now the question is whether it will level off or even perhaps go down.
Kinda makes your stomach sink.

Think about the current U.S. economy that we live in. The one area that continually revolutionizes our lives, drives prices down, and just flat out "Wow's" us, is the technology industry. It is, by far, the freest area of the economy.

Silicon Valley, as well as the multitude of startups outside of the Valley, are populated with scores of young Bill Gateses. They're sleeping on floors, living on Raman noodles, and pounding away at their computers night and day. They're constantly thinking, mulling, and contemplating how they can satisfy consumers better, cheaper and faster.

Do you think they're looking for handouts from some government "National Institute of Technology"? Noooo!! By and large (and sadly there are exceptions) these hackers want nothing to do with The State and its arbitrary and politically-directed channelling of taxpayer funds.

Our technological advances did not come from the people that give us Obamacare and their 6 sign-ups. In fact, the hackers in Silicon Valley are largely keeping us ahead of those very people. Without them, the quicksand known as government would have consumed us by now.

Unfortunately, the young Bill Gates got himself wrapped up with the wrong people, and now advocates taking a boot and using it to push us further down into the quicksand.

Private funding for science is the only way to go.

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  1. Chris,
    Nice to see "hackers" used in it's proper, non-pejorative sense. I was a start-up junkie back in the day (Silicon Valley) and once I took a job for a guy who turned out was being funded by an SBC grant. Made my flesh creep. I didn't re-up for that one.

  2. Correction - was SBIR grant, not SBC...

  3. Gates has always been like slick willy best as I can tell. Always the businessman leveraging deals, acquisitions, market share, and everything else with not much in the way of innovation. Innovation has always been the weak link with microsoft.There's a political side, a deal making, relationship side of business, even without getting involved in government politics and that's the game Gates was/is good at. He was left behind in the innovation game sometime in the early 1980s and never caught up. Microsoft has been late to just about everything. Since government went after him, he's learned to play government politics as well.

    It's quite the natural fit for him to slide into foundation NGO operations working with government to impose his ideas of how the world should be on the rest of us.

  4. Bill Gates is a crony, plain and simple. In Europe he has been seen as a monopolist and was fought by European politicians because of it. So Gates has no problem with monopoly when it suits him, but talks out of the left side of his mouth in America. A typical crony who likes the benefits of capitalism but then turns around and tries to talk his way into left-liberal sympathy. Really no different from Soros and Buffet.