Thursday, November 28, 2013

Yale Professor Dies in Jail Cell After Arrest

A Yale University professor accused of fighting police officers who tried to handcuff him after a domestic-dispute complaint was taken to a jail and died the next day, authorities said Wednesday, according to NyPo.

Samuel See was found unresponsive in his cell at the Union Avenue detention facility on Sunday and later was pronounced dead, New Haven police said. The medical examiner’s office said the cause of his death was pending further study.


  1. Nothing to see here. Move along!

    Perhaps this will alert our esteemed Ivy League arseholes as to the wider problem.

    1. Yeah. Now that the PIGS have taken one of their own maybe....just maybe...they'll open their eyes just a tiny bit.

      But I'm not holding my breath.

  2. This is a strange story. According to the NYP article, the professor, Samuel See, who was arrested, taken to jail, and died, was in his own home when his husband, Saunder Ganglani, another male (gay marriage I assume), came back to See's home to retrieve some belongings. BOTH See and Ganglani had protective orders against them approaching the other, and BOTH were charged with violating their respective protective orders, but See was in his own home and it was Ganglani who went to See's home. Yet is was See, not Ganglani, who was arrested, roughed up (cut above the eye that the police know nothing about), and taken to jail.

    Also, the article says the police "received a complaint of a domestic dispute," but in that typical passive voice, non-informational phrase, the article does not say who called in that complaint. It could have been a neighbor who heard fighting; it could have been Ganglani, which would be odd since he was the one who violated the order by going to See's house; or it could have even been See himself, which would be the most likely choice, since it was See's space that was being intruded upon by Ganglani in violation of Ganglani's protective order. If in fact it was See who called the police, that would truly be ironic seeing as how See ended up being the one arrested and killed. That truly enforces the maxim that one should never, ever call the police for any reason, as a high possibility outcome is that you will be murdered by them.

    But regardless of whether the police were called by a meddling neighbor or See himself, See was in his own house, yet he was roughed up and hauled off to jail. No wonder he was outraged. And how on earth could he be charged with violating his protective order since he was in his own house and it was Ganglani who went to See, not the other way around. My guess is he was hauled off to jail for not being properly subservient to his superiors, the police, and that he was charged with violating his protective order as part of the police's standard practice of covering their butts after killing him.

    Very strange indeed. I hope we hear more about this.