Tuesday, December 10, 2013

A Warning from Murray Rothbard on Rand Paul's Free Enterprise Zones Plan

Rand Paul better be real careful with his Economic Freedom Zone Act of 2013. It can quickly turn into a tool of lefties and other types of government meddlers.

Rand's proposal is a rehash of Jack Kemp's old plan. That plan didn't workout so well for free market lovers.

Murray Rothbard explained:
The housing and urban dimensions of the Alternative Welfare State have been worked out by the neocon's favorite politician,  HUD secretary Jack Kemp. While Kemp's vision was kept at arm's length by the Bush administration, the L.A. riots have brought it a virtual Republican endorsement, in the wake of President Bush's deficiency in the "vision thing," and of the liberals' chorus of adulation for Jack Kemp's "caring and compassion" for the inner cities[...]The "enterprise zone" concept, originally meant to be islands of genuine free enterprise in a statist morass, have been cunningly turned into yet more welfare, and affirmative-action-type subsidies. The Thatcherite idea of selling public housing to tenants has merely turned into another method of expanding public housing, of subsidizing inner cities, and of keeping the tenants dependent on the federal bureaucracy and on Big Massa in the White House.


  1. Please see my comment - and the others - on this:

    I used the term "Enterprise Zones" in my comment for a purpose.
    Right now, the entirety of the Government is against anything that may reduce the size of Moloch Leviathan. The Courts are the latest Completed Casualty with the Absurdist View that Nationalizing 1/7 of the Economy is merely a 'Taxing Issue"

    In this vein the last Presidential Election was decided by a vote of 1 to nothing. There might just be a Tenth Circle of Hell and there might be a Chair waiting for one Supreme Court Justice who may have changed his mind the day before the ACA verdict was read.

    Ask yourself this question: "If the "General Welfare" may include any Set of Laws for which a Rational Test may be devised that would allow it to become a Federal Entity, would the elimination of an Agency for the General Welfare Clause be allowed as well? If the General Welfare means the Survival of the State, that State being the Constitutional Republic of the United States?

    Rand provides an answer: NO! The First Shopper, Nancy Pelosi, told us just that much recently. The cupboard marked "Federal Reductions in Spending" is bare, she said. She was serious. Same for the Supremes.

    Rand does not disagree.

    BTW, my use of the term "Political Control Officer" was not meant as just a quip. It has real meaning. I used to be a Math Teacher and if you don't believe that there are such things as "Political Control Officers", try teaching Algebra or Geometry in a public school in a more...ummm...traditional format. You will view being flayed alive as a coffee break. 'N if you walk into your Union Headquarters expecting a little backup, expect to walk over Obama signs to get to a conference room where the Union Lawyer has to hurry the meeting along so he can get to his flight to Miami and his golf...I mean, his very important Union Meeting.

    It happened.


  2. "Rand Paul better be real careful with his Economic Freedom Zone Act of 2013. It can quickly turn into a tool of lefties and other types of government meddlers."
    It can quickly turn into a tool of lefties and other types of government meddlers.?
    It IS a tool of a lefty.