Sunday, December 15, 2013

All About Bitcoin With Sarah Meiklejohn: Today on The Robert Wenzel Show

Today's Guest:
Sarah Meiklejohn
Computer Scientist at the Univ. of California-San Diego discussing her analysis of Bitcoin and why it is far from anonymous. 

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  1. who are the total idiots who keep harping on about it being anonymous?

    is this some kind of conspiracy - hey let's all pretend that bitcoin has always claimed anonymity and then we'll show that it's not and people will hate it

    come on you lot stop this intellectual dishonesty


    1. Start with Bank America Merrill Lynch, clown: and see Wired

  2. Peak Oil, are you some kind of idiot??? That's supposedly the reason people tote shitcoins as the future...anonymity. haven't you been paying attention. There is no benefit to using shitcoins over anything else. The dollar, gold, and silver are far superior in every way. With the dollar being the only risk as, like shitcoins, its value could drop to zero. I'll stick with gold.

  3. Wow, Robert. I am very disappointed that you keep posting "Chris B." drivel but not a post with a link to Sarah's actual credentials.
    I thought you were more honest than this.
    It's your blog so you can do what you want to it and your credibility, here, I just expected better from you.

    1. Are you a complete propagandist? Did you listen to the show? Her credentials are detailed right at the top of the show versus your selective BS.

    2. That page actually still says professor.

      It is at

      Proof you edited this page is here:


    3. You are a total idiot. I interviewed Meiklejohn last week Tuesday, where I properly identified her credentials. There was no attempt to mis-identify her background. She was initially identified as a professor on the post related to her appearance and the error was corrected. I repeat, on the interview itself, which was recorded long before you raised any questions about her credentials, I properly identified her credentials.

      Your bizarre fixation on this is only equaled by your bizarre fixation on Bitcoin as the great savior of mankind.

    4. The truth hurts, huh, Adam?

  4. Bob,

    This was a great interview. Your point about tracking the bit-chain through all your purchases was especially poignant! From my perspective, given the focus law enforcement will have on Bit Coin just because of its reputation, you will be putting yourself at more risk if you were attempting to complete a transaction where you wished anonymity than if you just used a credit card.

    I personally take Bit Coin as a beta test. I'm unwilling to be a guinea pig!