Sunday, December 8, 2013

Bob Murphy's Plan to Reach a Libertarian Society


  1. The MURPH!!
    He's cool, but his 25 year plan is (thankfully) not gonna take that long.
    The Empire will crumble long before that. I'm hoping for (and doing my bit to instigate) a Soviet style collapse.
    Maybe all we need is a Gorbachev and some luck.

  2. Good talk. People who read this might also want to read my piece from several years ago, more or less on the same subject.

  3. All the makers are going to go on strike and govt is going to wither away. Didn't someone write a novel about that?

    Great he supports education. Why does he support teaching creationism in science class though? Bob Murphy supports teaching intelligent design (which is creationism) in science class and proposes the same strategy articulated in this video for getting is taught as science:

    "By the same token then, if a large segment of the U.S. population—so large that major politicians are afraid to cross them—doesn’t believe the standard neo-Darwinian synthesis on the origin of species, then it’s important for teachers to teach about these issues. "

    "Austrian economists are the analog of the “Intelligent Design” scholars."

    1. Once again, you type before thinking or at least researching to see if you actually know as much as you think you do. There are several valid alternatives proposed by highly educated (and often atheistic) scientists, and scores of objections raised by an even larger group of scientists, to the standard neo-Darwinian macro evolutionary model.

      Your black and white either Darwin or ID worldview betrays your ignorance. It is our duty as teachers to ensure that future generations are not blighted by a near-Biblical view of Darwinism but instead understand that the scientific method requires them to continuously examine every theory which has elements subject to debate or which is not even subject to falsifiability.

  4. Can I get those 10 minutes back?


  5. Murphy is spot on. Non-violence is the only way we will achieve our goal.

    A topical example of how it can succeed is found in South Africa. It was not Mandela's violence-inclined ANC that ended the apartheid regime. It was the non-violent actions and education undertaken by many others, such as Alan Paton and Desmond Tutu, over a span of over 50 years that finally enabled de Klerk to engineer the peaceful dismantling of the apartheid government (think how much better off the residents of that violence-plagued country would be now if only government in general had been their target, rather than one specific form).

    The very notion of an ideologically committed and armed advance guard is anathema to liberty and reeks of Leninism. We can proceed boldly against evil armed with ideas and integrity alone, and though it may take time, we can prevail.

  6. Building a non-coercive society of freedom is what AJ Galambos shows how to do in his course V50. I know Kinsella wrote an article calling Galambos a kook. However, Kinsella never understood Galambos or took his course. If you understand Galambos you will quickly see who the real kook is. Murphy is right. You can only build a non-coercive society, ...non-coercively.
    Pete Sisco was a student of Galambos. He is currently building a non-coercive system of freedom called contractual republics. Check it out at

  7. This is a good vid by Murph, but I agree with one of the above posters in that he could have done it in less than half the time he took which is great for those like myself with ADD tendencies.


    Anyway, I view this vid as more of a "pep talk" for liberty oriented people. It's really hard to stay on course sometimes when you've become a "believer" in liberty yet seem to remain surrounded by people that won't or can't absorb the philosophy.

    I think that's why liberty minded people become despondent or annoying(out of frustration). The only way to remain sane is to remember that most of us came to the place of liberty minded thinking from something that wasn't....and further, it's going to be a process of education over decades...not just years/months.