Sunday, December 8, 2013

Rand Paul: We Need "Tattoos, Ponytails and Earrings"

In a speech to Detroit Economic Club Friday, Rand Paul called out his own party for lacking the diversity necessary to gain a competitive edge in big-city elections, reports USC Annenberg.
"The Democratic party is more diverse than we are," Paul told a room of 400 at the Motor City Casino in Detroit. "We need to be a more diverse party if we're ever going to win again. We need people with tattoos, ponytails and earrings."
Is Rand off his rocker? Where's the fight for liberty? What does tattoos, ponytails and earrings have anything to do with it? Talk about diluting the message of liberty. There are good people with tattoos, ponytails and earrings and bad. I wonder who is writing Rand's speeches these days? It's been demonstrated before that Rand is tone deaf and does not really know half the time the subtleties of what he is saying, but this  tattoos, ponytails and earrings comment is just plain stupid.


  1. Earth to Wenzel. The vast vast majority of Americans don't gives a crap about the "fight for liberty". Most americans don't want liberty.

    1. Sure they do. Thats why the pols use the word so much however Americans haven't really seen it enough to do much about it.

  2. Those who worship at the alter of Diversity,
    soon find themselves in............................

  3. Isn't is interesting how modern political rhetoric glorifies diversity and equality while simultaneously rejecting individuality and the rule of law?

  4. Hey Bob, Been to Freedom Fest lately??
    There's more to the Liberty movement than grumpy old white men.
    (signed) Grumpy Old White Man...

  5. Uh, tattoos are clearly prohibited in Leviticus.

    I guess Rand thinks that it is enough that he is selling his soul to The Lobby.

  6. Actually, I've been wanting to see Rand with tattoos, a ponytail, and some earrings. Think it would snazz him up a bit and take some of the starch out of his jockey shorts.

    [Could possibly score at some bars in San Francisco...,]